Posted by: BlueLeath | August 31, 2010

Einstein on the Fridge

A fridge vignette: In honor of all scientists great and small. Feel free to contemplate Einstein’s greatness while changing his attire.

Posted by: BlueLeath | July 19, 2010

The Atlantic

The Jersery Shore! The ocean was clear and cool, the sky cloudless and we had a fabulous day.

Posted by: BlueLeath | January 7, 2010


Happy puppy.

Posted by: BlueLeath | February 20, 2009

Looking Out The Office Door

what a nice Friday afternoon view!!!

Posted by: BlueLeath | February 19, 2009

Blue Glass at the Desert Botanical Garden

Pretty installation by Dale Chihuly at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden.

Posted by: BlueLeath | February 17, 2009

Some nice blue things…

The sky
Planet Earth

Posted by: BlueLeath | February 17, 2009

Hello blue world!

Maybe this will be about blue things. Maybe more, too…someday.

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