Posted by: BlueLeath | June 21, 2016

She is We

She sits alone on a high rock in the bright desert sun. She is mourning like it’s the end of everything.

But it isn’t.

In the hot dry desert air she realizes she’s been in this place of pain before, many times in many other lives. She no longer fights it, but embraces its sharpness.

She relaxes into the pain and her mind’s eye opens with a rush.

With a familiar wave of completeness, she smiles as the pain changes. She floats a little higher, with more confidence and she feels the weightlessness begin. A thrill surges as she gains confidence and she sheds the binds of pain.

She’s higher now, above her body and the desert as she feels her clothes burn away. Lighter. Next skin and hair disappear, and then muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, cells and finally bones burn away.

She is in her pure, silver essence and merges effortlessly with the universe who loves her. She flies up, away, gone in her healing quest. Her silver essence is now complete in its most pure, perfect form and she gives and takes both what she needs from the atoms around her.

She returns to the rock in the sun, to the body, the vessel she’s occupying in this life. She returns to realize, she can do this again, anytime she needs to rinse, to cleanse, to purify and to feel complete.

She is We.

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