Posted by: BlueLeath | August 22, 2019

A Memory Of Heaven

I knew there was magic in the air then, I am even more convinced now.

We were cycling on a lovely path near Denver. It was a nice long 30-mile ride with lots of family.

The year was 2013, six years ago. We rode through what I think might just be my most perfect instant in time. My one glimpse of real heaven. I can’t explain it, it was unremarkable and yet unforgettable.

The sun and shade were balanced perfectly on this park section of our route, one of many beautiful parks the bike path wound through. There were very few people in the sunny/shady park as we pedaled through. A bit of laughter, a lawnmower, the birds, the breeze, the evocative, overwhelming (nearly painful) feeling of calm, the back yards of homes that backed up to the park, the earthy smells, the grassy field in the distance, the lovely tall trees in the park – all of these ingredients mixed together perfectly.

The absolute stillness of this simple scene crept into my soul then and has never left. Why? It sparkled and crackled with intense emotions that I can’t even begin to explain or comprehend.

Even today, when I hear a lawn mower in the distance, when I hear the happy laughter of children far off, when I hear a plane over-head I am immediately transported back to that day, to that time, to that slice.

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