Posted by: BlueLeath | December 11, 2015

The Big Kahuna

I’d like to remember Russ Symmes today. The Big Kahuna was a fixture in the 80s and 90s ultimate scene in Phoenix. Always ready with a hug and a handsome smile, he brought joy into my life. He developed brain cancer in 1991 and was not expected to live past six months. But he fought through three brain surgeries and kept on going.

In 1997-98 lots of us movie buffs fought hard to prevent the old Cine Capri on 24th and Camelback from being torn down. Progress and land values won over history and a Ralph Haver gem. Russ and I had a good cry, and one night he jumped the demolition site barriers and brought me these two tiles from the building. They are imported Italian green ceramic, and iconic to the old theater and to my friendship with Russ. As I remember my own brain surgery last year, I also remember my good friend and miss him terribly.

He died on 12/11/2002.


Posted by: BlueLeath | March 9, 2015

Sunset Hike at South Mountain

Sunset hike at Buena Vista to Hidden Valley, South Mountain (3/8/2015)

Sunset hike at Buena Vista to Hidden Valley, South Mountain (3/8/2015)


Sam and I tried the Hidden Valley hike yesterday at South Mountain – but from a different trailhead than our normal 24th Street start. We drove up to the Buena Vista trailhead. Great one!

Posted by: BlueLeath | February 9, 2012

White Tree

This tree across the street from my house is a beautiful site every February. It means spring, and warmer temps are on the way!!

Posted by: BlueLeath | September 8, 2011

A Cloud

Here is an inspiring cloud at sunset:

Mt. Cloud in My Mind, 9-07-2011

Posted by: BlueLeath | July 20, 2011

Redeye Airport Dance Party, 1 and 2

Symon and Claire went to the midnight premier of Harry Potter 7 (2) and then caught a redeye to Huntington Beach for shibapalooza and vacation. This is how they waited for the plane at 4 am. In style!

Part One:

Part Two:

Posted by: BlueLeath | August 31, 2010

Einstein on the Fridge

A fridge vignette: In honor of all scientists great and small. Feel free to contemplate Einstein’s greatness while changing his attire.

Posted by: BlueLeath | July 19, 2010

The Atlantic

The Jersery Shore! The ocean was clear and cool, the sky cloudless and we had a fabulous day.

Posted by: BlueLeath | January 7, 2010


Happy puppy.

Posted by: BlueLeath | February 20, 2009

Looking Out The Office Door

what a nice Friday afternoon view!!!

Posted by: BlueLeath | February 19, 2009

Blue Glass at the Desert Botanical Garden

Pretty installation by Dale Chihuly at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden.

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